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Faster Cursor Movement in Emacs

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While hacking I like to get my ideas come true on the screen as quick as they come. This is why I have always wanted to learn “touch-typing” on the one hand, and why I am so concerned about my hacking tools and their setup on the other hand. The toolchain contains Emacs, of course.

While digging mouse movements in the emacs lisp documentation, I realized there was not much functions or variables to adjust, Emacs’ key movement is actually driven by the host operating system in terms of key repeat delay.

So I went to my favorite’s OSX System preference pane, and looked for Keyboard, here is what I found.

I moved the key repeat delay to its fastest possible value and also set the timer before the key repetition is toggled to its shortest value, and now, I am a happy coder that can very quickly edit my code.

Note that this setting has the benefit to affect all keyboard interaction with your system.