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Git-Flow Extension for the Excellent Magit

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We have been using git-flow for quite some time now as it provides well defined conventions as well as tools to help following them, actually, git-flow is a widely available extension to git commands. See the excellent cheatsheet for its usage, and my friend’s Thibaud excellent post.

Using it together with semantic versioning, makes it a powerful tool.

Working on my prolusion, and browsing for MELPA packages, I realized that magit extensions exist to use git-flow right within Emacs ! See this commit for changes and make sure to update your prolusion !

The point is to use C-f while in *magit:status-mode* to get them up and running! Let me remind that using prolusion, you switch to *magit:status-mode* for your file’s current repository using: C-c v m. Then use ? to get all available actions, and q to quit current magit buffer.