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It's Been Merged!

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I’ve been thinking for many years now, that the software I use the most, should be given a sexy look.

Emacs plus with vibrant dark header

Today, I had some time to take a look at it. Digging in emacs’ soucre code didn’t take much to understand that for the ns part I’ll have to take care of its only .m source files.

Here is ns_term.m. All about the NSWindow Objective-C source class.

At first, I wanted to give it a constant value for the background colour to be dark, but I understood quite quiclky that it has a method for setting up the appearance style easily.

So here’s my contribution to the homebrew package emacs-plus.


Not yet perfect, but it does the job.

I’ll try to keep things on as the maintainer of emacs-plus is very responsive and very friendly.